Do you offer a warranty?

Yes! We do offer a warranty. It is a 1-year limited warranty and we just ask that the proof of purchase to the original purchaser is provided. To learn more or redeem your warranty, please reach out to us at

Is it only available for the Ford F150?

We did extensive market research and found that Ford F150s are the most popular pickup truck on the road, so we decided to start there. The Tailgate Defender currently fits the Ford F150 models 2015 to present. However, the Tailgate Defender will be available for all truck models in the future, and will be working on the GMC1500 models next!

Where can I find the instruction manual?

We have provided a link to the PDF version of the instruction manual on the homepage of our website in addition to including a printed copy with each unit.

How long does the Tailgate Defender stay on the tailgate?

During our testing process, we installed a unit on a Ford F150 to test durability and longevity. We are happy to report that this unit has lasted three years, and is still going strong. We designed the Tailgate Defender to be lightweight yet structurally strong enough to withstand heavy objects and materials, including driving a truck over it!

How is the Tailgate Defender secured to the tailgate?

The Tailgate Defender has durable 3M tape that is included in the packaging to secure it to the tailgate. Additionally, if you would like a more permanent installation, we recommend using a silicone adhesive in addition to the 3M tape.

Will this unit be available for other truck models?

Currently, the Tailgate Defender fits the Ford F150 for model years 2015 to present. We will be covering other truck models in the future, starting with the GMC1500. Each truck has its own unique features and will be designed to fit each model. We do not have a release date as it is still early in the process, but if you will provide us with your email address we would love to provide you with an update as we move along.

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