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Protect Your Tailgate With Tailgate Defender

you can protect your truck’s tailgate from the elements and make for a safer environment when loading and unloading. This fully functional, fully removable, the adjustable product provides a sturdy hinge mechanism that secures the gap between the tailgate and truck bed.

Tailgate Defender is the only heavy-duty tailgate gap protector guaranteed to work with your truck bed, keeping your tailgate protected from the stresses of everyday life. Use it to keep things out of the gap between your truck bed and tailgate— whether you need to keep dirt, rocks or mulch, inside the truck bed. Our heavy-duty hinge mechanism will protect the longevity of your truck by preventing materials from entering your tailgate gap. It’s rugged enough for pro-level use but affordable for everyday use, simply designed to work.


Tailgate Defender

Quality that last, Weatherproof, Crafted to keep secure your trucks longevity, satisfaction guarantee

Tailgate Defender is here to protect your tailgate. Prevent damage, from dirt, rocks or mulch.

This is the only tailgate gap protector on the market with a unique hinge mechanism that gives ultimate security. Installation is easy and only takes a few minutes.