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We designed the Tailgate Defender with the working man in mind.

Its patented hinge mechanism and engineered design guarantee a perfect form fitment with the Ford F150 (2015-Present) to seal your tailgate gap.

The Tailgate Defender seamlessly integrates with existing bed liner sprays, while its robust construction lets you easily haul heavy items.

Enjoy an airtight seal from dust and other elements, ease of loading and unloading, and protection of your investment while tailgating in style. 


  • Secure Hauling of Various Materials: The Tailgate Defender allows secure and stable hauling of diverse materials, including rocks, dirt, and mulch, protecting your vehicle and the following traffic from debris.
  • Enhanced Loading and Protection: It simplifies loading heavy/wheeled items and protects the tailgate from potential damage from falling rocks or debris.
  • Comprehensive Dust and Element Seal: When paired with a tonneau cover or shell, it offers an ultimate solution against dust and external elements, ensuring cleaner tools and items during transport.
  • Enhanced Safety and Convenience: Prevents accidents such as pinched hands and tripping in the tailgate gap, offering a safer and more convenient experience, especially for children.
  • Anti-Theft and Style: Increases protection against tailgate theft while offering a visually appealing design to tailgate in style.
  • Functional Upgrade: Transforms and optimizes your tailgate into a versatile, multifunctional space, allowing various uses and applications.

Superior Design

  • Effortless Installation & Assembly: The Tailgate Defender boasts seamless installation with no drilling required and an easy assembly process.
  • Durable Construction & Design: It features a rugged construction with high-grade nylon and stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting durability and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and impacts.
  • Superior Performance & Reliability: It offers unsurpassed durability, proven reliability, and superior performance, having been field-tested rigorously for over three years with no signs of wear and tear.
  • Precise Fitment & Versatility: Computer-generated design ensures perfect form fitment for the Ford F150 with existing bed liner sprays and is compatible with almost any surface, including camper shells.
  • Maximized Space & Convenience: The patented hinge mechanism allows for easy fold-up, maximizing bed space, and it's designed to be easily removed along with the factory tailgate.

Our Customers

  • Professional Workers & Craftsmen: Includes landscapers, construction workers, woodworkers, and small business owners who regularly transport various materials, tools, and goods, requiring protection and ease of loading.
  • Outdoor & Adventure Seekers: Encompasses outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, campers, fishermen, hunters, and ATV/bike owners who engage in outdoor activities and need to secure and protect their gear and equipment.
  • Event & Entertainment Individuals: Includes event organizers, musicians, bands, and tailgate party enthusiasts who transport event materials, musical instruments, and other essentials and value style and security.
  • Specialty Professionals: Covers antique dealers, photographers, and filmmakers who require additional protection for transporting delicate and expensive items.
  • Domestic & Everyday Users: Embraces parents, DIY enthusiasts, house movers, and coaches/sports parents whose projects and lives need security and ease.
  • Quality That Lasts

  • Quick Installation

  • Aerospace Design

  • Customer Care

Unmatched Craftsmanship, Unbeaten Function: Tailgate Defender is the Last Word in Tailgate Transformation